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Volunteer Work

We here at NEK-TV rely on you as volunteers to help keep the station running smooth. We need volunteers to help out in the field with taping community events. At the station there area different types of office and production tasks. Working with NEK-TV is fun and everyone’s hard work is noticed and appreciated by all the staff.
Stop by to see how we work here, see if there is something that might suit your interests, you will be surprised of all the fun activities that go into running NEK-TV.








There is no better advertising than with NEK-TV. It reaches more people faster to get your message out to the community. We have producers creating programs from church services, variety shows, or political interest programs. Document your child’s sporting event. Discuss the news. Garden shows discussing area botany. The only limit is your imagination. You might have a program that you have always wanted to see. Suggest it. Then we can work on creating it.






We take you under our wings and train you to use the video camera. We will show you how to use all the settings so that you can take the camera and get the best field production.
Editing? No worries, there are many editing bays set up just for community producers and volunteers. Our staff will teach you how to do the editing so you will be able to do it on your own. If you find that your more interested in video production we will also be willing to offer classes for the more enthusiastic.




Contact NEK-TV
Location & Mailing Address:
561 East Main Street
PO Box 710
Newport, VT 05855

Phone: (802) 334-0264
Fax: (802) 334-8500


Satellite Stations:
Lake Region Union High School
317 Lake Region Road
Orleans, VT 05860
Contact: Rick Kelley

North Country Union High School
209 Veterans Avenue
Newport,VT 05855
Contact: Brain McCrae


Contact NEK-TV
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